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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday post.

Good morning.
We're having an unusual Memorial Day weekend. Only a high of 54 on Friday, with a forecast high of 90 on Monday. From cold and wet, to hot and steamy. :-\
Friday, we finally had a day without rain. After we got home from work, we were able to mow the yard. Friday night was home made tacos. Yummy.
Saturday was cold and drizzly. I cleaned the Salon, and we did some running around. Office Max for Salon retail slips and post-it notes, and Lowe's for light bulbs. We have 2 ft u-shaped florescent lights in the main area, and 8 ft florescent lights in the supply/store room. 12 light bulbs, $96.00. Expensive suckers.
Back home, it stopped raining, so while Craig did his usual Sunday bookwork and laundry,( I know, it's only Saturday, but that means Sunday is free!) I took the weed whacker and cleaned along the creek that runs along our lot line.
I also did some maintenance weeding. I'm pretty much all done with the yard. :-)
With iffy grilling weather, Craig made sloppy Joe's for dinner with sweet potato fries. Both were good. Watched a movie called Red Planet. Also very good.
Today Craig wants to go out for breakfast. Not something we do often, so a little holiday weekend treat. :-)
And here's more things blooming in the yard right now...
Above and below, more Tree Peonies....

And between them, an ornamental Rhubarb. The leaves are nearly 3 ft across!

And scattered showers are forecast for today, so it looks like tomorrow will be my best chance to seal the driveway. We'll see.

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  1. Mom said it's been so foggy she hasn't seen the lake for 2 days!
    Happy Sunday to you. :)