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Friday, June 03, 2011

his luck ran out

Good morning.
It's been a busy week in the Salon, and I'm booked today and tomorrow also.:-)
We live across from a golf course, and I swear, people go there just to drink and get away from their wives. We've lived here 26 years, and I can't tell you how many times we hear tires squealing as cars come tearing out of the parking lot. Usually it's old men in caddies. :-) They get all liqueured up golfing, and think they're some hot rod driver.
Well, it finally happened........
Yep! A smart ass came tearing out of the parking lot, lost control of his rear wheel drive convertible, and slide off the road and into our front yard, taking out part of our fence. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
He's very lucky he didn't slide off 6ft earlier and go down that bank into the creek.

I got home apparently right after this happened. There were 3 guys in 3 cars. He left with the other 2 to get a tow chain to pull it out. I took these pics plus the license plate in case they came back and tried to take off without compensating us for the damage done to our fence.

Well, they came back, got the car pulled out and were taking the tow chain off when a county cop just happened to drive by. You know it goes down hill from here.

To make a long story short, the police officer took him away. Gave us his card and the case # for insurance purposes.

I felt real sorry for the guy, yes, he had too much to drink, and yes, that made him do a stupid thing, and yes, he's lucky no one got hurt, or worst. But we've all done something stupid, and got lucky, and learned a lesson. (at least I did anyway :-\) But this poor guys luck ran out, and that meant an automatic night in jail, not to mention the DUI charges he'll face.

So one of his friends drove his car over to the golf course parking lot. I gave them my business card and told them we wouldn't file an insurance claim if the guy was willing to pay for new fence sections that his car took out. It won't be that much to put back in 2 posts and rails. He certainly doesn't need an insurance claim on top of everything else. His deductible would be more than a couple of fence sections.

So anyway, that was our Thursday evening excitement. And now I need to get to work.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad you were not out there working in your yard when that happened. You could have been hit!

  2. Oooooooo excitement! Good point Phillip.

  3. I feel for him but imagine if had driven off, drunk, and something worse happened. :|
    As you say though, at least it wasn't worse.
    Happy Friday to you!

  4. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Wow, that guy sure had a bad day. Sorry that your fence got damaged.

    Looks like he was driving a Camaro convertible? A little hard to tell.