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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I don't smell anything

Good morning.
Yesterday was another beautiful day. Sunny and 80. :-) But it could have been a deadly one.
We have a carbon monoxide detector, and all of a sudden it was showing various numbers. It's always been at 0.
During the day on Sunday, (that's the day Craig does all the laundry and it was also warm, so we had the air on) it would spike up to 150. The recommended exposure is below 35. It appeared to be happening when the air conditioner was running and the water heater was operating. At those times, the exhaust was being pulled into the room instead of up the exhaust pipe. Our house is on a slab, so the furnace and water heater are in a closet off the dining room. Our furnace has a 2 stage blower and it uses the high stage for cooling. It creates a lot of flow. So I called for a service call and opened windows to vent the house. It would fall back to 0 in about 5 minutes. I also turned down the water heater to vacation, so it wouldn't run during the night.
Long story ended up being a small baffle thingy in the top of the water heater. It wasn't set in it's slot properly. The tech explained the baffle, when in place properly, causes the rising heat to twist, sort of like a mini tornado. That helps to propel the exhaust up the pipe so it doesn't vent into the room. Once he re-set that, no more problems.
It's a good thing we had the co2 detector because the exhaust is odorless, and was already giving Craig a dull headache. Make sure you all have one and make sure it's operating right. Our mo-ho has one too, and we replace the batteries at the beginning of each season. Our home one plugs in.
Soooo, after that, I went out and washed the Kia and PT Crusier, and vacuumed them both out and waxed the PT.
For dinner, another new dish, Tequila-glazed grilled Chicken Thighs. They were sooo good! I promise to get this recipe and the pork recipe on Cooking with Craig, as soon as I get some extra time.


  1. Glad it wasn't expensive and glad to hear you're both okay!

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    That is scary! I need to make sure has fresh batteries!