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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

trip #4

Good morning.
We've just returned from another weekend trip. This one took us to Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan about 10 miles south of Michigan City Indiana.
And finally, we had an entire beautiful weekend! We left Lansing Friday afternoon with sprinkles in the air, but they gave way to sun as we arrived. Saturday morning, we planned to go into Chicago, but the weather was soo nice we thought of just hanging around the park. Then I watched the morning news to see the Dan Ryan expressway, (which is the main highway into the city) was backed up for miles due to a bad accident. That cinched it. We would stay in the park.
We went for our morning coffee walk, and then a bike ride. Decided we need supplies for dinner and ended up doing lunch in Michigan City at a place called Matey's. A multi level decked restaurant with a nautical theme. Many bar food, but was good and a nice view from the upper deck. back at the campground, we took a hike through the back woods of the dunes. Then we relaxed and enjoyed the great weather. Dinner was kielbasa's on the grill, and then a campfire. Sunday morning, after our coffee walk, I made us breakfast of eggs, toast, and Morning Star Farm sausage patties. Craig and I are big meat eaters and we are trying to cut back a bit. Morning Star Farm makes a variety of meatless choices. Most are really quite good!
Then we decide to go to the outlet mall. Craig discovered during our hike the day before, his ankle was hurting. Turns out the rigid plastic liner in the back of the shoe had worn through the liner. He needed new shoes. We stopped at the Nike store and they had a real good sale. Besides good prices to start, they had a buy 1 get 1 half off. So guess what, I got a new pair also!
Back at the campground we biked down to the beach. The beach trail is still closed. More about that later. The beach was busy, and we sat and enjoyed the sun and the people watching.
Back at the mo-ho, Craig made a pasta salad for dinner. While it 'rested' we did another easy hike. Then I grilled some pork cutlets to have with the salad. Another campfire, and a breaking down of the campsite for an early morning departure. Monday, was cloudy and breezy. I saw on the early news, rain heading in. I woke up Craig extra early, (7am) and we got going. Managed to load the car caddy and car, dump the tanks and hit the highway as the early sprinkles turned into a steady rain. We made it home by noon, and the rain followed us later. But we made it there and back with only a minor issue. When we went to plug in the tow lights, I discovered 2 of the 3 prongs had broken off into the connector, so they wouldn't work. We decided to go with out since the car caddy had lights and the tow lights were just an extra safety precaution.
So all in all, a good trip! Back home, I cleaned out the mo-ho while Craig did laundry and bookwork. With gas prices dropping, (we filled up at $3.35) we saved $35.00 over the previous trip, and $60.00 over our 2nd trip. Lets hope they keep going that way. :-)
And now, I'm off to clean the Salon.....


  1. You found some great gas prices. The state tax on gas here, which is already the highest in the country, is supposed to go up 3 cents this Friday.

    Glad you guys had a good time!

  2. Your trip sounds so relaxing...