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Monday, July 11, 2011

more on trip #5

Good afternoon. I'm posting this this afternoon instead of in the morning, because we got a ton of more rain, and I can't work in the yard. :-)

Saturday morning, I arose at my usual 5am, and played on the puter until it was light enough to go for a bike ride. I rode through all the loops, noticing that about 80% were due to leave Sunday. That is usual for most state parks. very busy on the weekends, and quite quiet during the week.
Returned to the mo-ho, took a shower, and got Craig up. We had a schedule for the day, first it was to the Libby outlet store for some new beverage glasses. Then to the farmers market where we picked up taters, zucchini, and green onions to go with our next 2 meals. Then we hit Tony Packo's for their tasty fried pickles, and a couple of their Hungarian chili dogs.
Back at the state park, we drove over to the beach. The beach and hotel are nearly a mile from the campgroundMe on the bridge going from the marina to the hotel....
Most campers drive over to the beach, especially this weekend with temps near 90. We checked out the music, the craft show, and food vendors. Mostly typical stuff, nothing unique. The sand castle building contest was even lamer, but what should you expect for such a small setting.
Above, the winner of the contest......a 'sand' crab......hehehe
We then headed over to the boat tour booth. Craig wanted to find out the ticket price, and when the boat was leaving Sunday morning. The price, $25 per person, time Sunday at 9:20am. I thought the price was a little high just to take a boat out around the light house. There would be no landing or tour of the building. But Craig wanted to see it so we will. Back at the campground, we relaxed with cocktails. Our site had our sitting area facing east, so our awning gave us much needed shade from the hot sun. We were also fortunate we had a large poplar tree right next to our west side that shaded us most of the afternoon. We had only 30 amp service here, so that means only 1 roof top air unit. But it keep the inside comfortable.
Dinner was pork steaks, potatoes and zucchini on the grill.
Then we took an after dinner bike ride around the campground. It's amazing to see all the stuff people bring with them for just a weekend.

Sunday morning, I took a bike ride. There's 2 trails from the campground to the beach. I took the beach trail there, and the woods trail back.

It was a nice ride, quiet with few others out so early. Back at the mo-ho, I played on the puter until it was time to get Craig up for our boat ride. Made it to the beach in plenty of time. Discovered they were having some issue with the boat, and cancelled the first outing. They didn't know if the 2nd at 1:30 would go either. Craig decided not to do it, and they gave us a refund. later he discovered that the building doesn't look like the pictures we've seen. The pics were taken years ago. Now, the windows are all boarded up, and there's an ugly array of solar panels on the one side.
The light house in Maumee Bay. From the internet....
So back at the campground, we went for a bike ride waiting for our next itinerary, the polish festival which started at noon.
With my map reading skills, :-) we made it to the Toledo north side neighborhood, found a parking spot, and was there shortly after it opened. It spanned about 5 blocks. There appeared to be a fairly heavy police presence which feel safe and a bit cautious at the same time. There were a lot of people there already. We strolled through the vendors area toward the giant tent at the other end. I thought there would be more polish food vendors, but mostly they had carnival type vendors. We grabbed a couple of beers and sat down at a table in the tent and listened to the music and people watched.

The music was quite varied and was enjoyable. We sampled a couple of polish food selections that were very good. Then we headed out toward the campground with a stop at Walmart for a few supplies.
back at the campground, we read the Sunday paper, Craig made potato salad that needed to rest before dinner, then went for a walk. We were surprised to see that after so many people left in the morning, a good number were coming in. But this is a very nice campground. :-)
Back at the campground, I cooked chicken on the gill. We pared that with his potato salad and some baked beans.

Craig riding toward the beach....
After another bike ride, this time the beach trail, we settled in for some TV. it was too hot this weekend to even think about a campfire, though other campers did.
Monday morning found me finishing this post on my laptop for a quicker posting once we returned home. The night before, we put up the awning and put away the chairs and rug.
Okay, here's an update........
We returned home safe and sound. Drove through a hellish storm, but got home safe. It even let up enough for us to gas up at Flying J and do a thorough dump cleaning.
So again, (knock on wood....) another good trip!


  1. Lots of really nice pictures. Glad to hear you got home safely. :)

  2. The lighthouse story is kinda funny. LOL.