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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a pond post

Good morning.
Since I've gotten numerous comments about the pond, I thought I'd do a pond post. :-)

My pond is approximately 15 by 30. I hand dug it over the course of 2 seasons. It ranges in depth from 14 to 18 inches deep. No fish. It would need to be over 3 ft deep for fish to over winter, and Craig wouldn't let me dig it that deep. Something about needing a fence then or something. Besides, it was enough work to do this much. :-)
There is a pump at this end that plugs into an outlet hidden by the bush.
It pumps water through a 2 inch hose to the other end for the waterfall.
This also helps with water circulation. Sucking it from one end, and putting it back in at the other end. Also helps with aeration.
In the pond are dwarf cattails, 3 colors of water lilies, and purple pickerel rush.

I occasionally have to add a pond clarifier and algacide to keep it clear.

Dirt dug for the pond was used to raise the end high enough for a waterfall.
I used concrete blocks for the back, and broken concrete for the top and front. Pea gravel was used to fill in the cracks on top. There are steps on this side, and a rising gravel path on the other.
Ground cover hides most of the concrete blocks on the back. The benches were made also. For the top, we used a piece of plywood. Cut a section of plastic lawn edging and attached it to the plywood in a curved fashion. Did that for the front and back. Used straight sections for the ends. Mixed up concrete and filled the 'form' half way. added some rebar for strength, and filled it full. For the 'legs' we used 2 kitchen trash containers and filled them with concrete. when set, cut away the plastic and flip over. Cheap durable benches.
A view back up towards the house.

The plastic liner is held in place by a row of bricks. They are covered by flagstone. I dug a small trench around the flagstones and poured concrete, giving the pond a more finished edge, and locking the flagstones in place.

Another view of the pond from the other end of the house. Our yard slopes down away from the house. The back of the yard was the only fairly level place to put the pond.
So that's all about the pond.
Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the yard. I re-leveled 2 bird baths, weeded, and dead-headed. It was hot! 92 for a high, so I took it slow and easy. :-)
Dinner, we had the last 2 t-bones from the 4 pack I bought for the 4th, with baked potatoes and grilled zucchini.


  1. I've got some steaks left to grill, too.
    Crazy hot everywhere pretty much.
    Enjoy your last weekend day before you go back tyo work! :)

  2. What a beautiful yard. Absolutely stunning!