Saturday, July 09, 2011

zombie land

Good afternoon,
Sorry, no morning post today. I didn't get home from the Salon until after 10pm yesterday, and got up too late to post and get to the Salon by 7:30 this morning. :-\
The corrective color I did lasted over 4 hours! There was just an unbelievable amount of color build-up that took the largest chunk of time and I still didn't get it all off. So, no blond with purple streaks for her! But I was exhausted by the time I got home. A 14 hour day is just tooo long at my age. :-)
I even felt like a zombie this morning. So bad, I mixed the wrong color for my first client. Good thing I caught it as I was applying it. It didn't look right coming out of the bottle. Pulled the tube out of the trash to find a tube had fallen over a notch. I usually double check the number on the tube when I open it, but like I said, I was a bit of a zombie this morning. I was applying a warm brown instead of a dark blond. That would not have been good. But I quickly got that off and reapplied the right one. Glad this was a short day today.
And with all the rain the last couple of days, Our rain gauge says 4+ inches, I won't have to water for a while. ;-)
And here's some more pics of the yard.....

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your yard always looks great. You can be rightly proud of it.
    Glad you noticed the color thing in time to fix it!
    I hope we get 4 inches of rain. We could use it.
    Have a good Saturday!

  2. The garden is so damn pristine. What ever became of the wedding to be held in your garden?


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