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Sunday, August 14, 2011

That was it?

Good morning.
Sorry for my later than usual post. I got up this morning, and no Internet. :-(
So I called tech support, registered the problem, and went in to clean the Salon. Upon returning, still no Internet, so I went out and polished the mo-ho tires.
I survived the big wedding party on Saturday. Ended up doing 5 up-dos. Was exhausted when I got home. With all the rain we've gotten this month, it's not only nice and green in the yard, but a bumper crop of skeeters. The wedding was at 4pm, I figured they'd be at the house around 5-5:30 for the yard pics. I went out at 5 with 2 cans of yard guard to see if I could keep the skeeters at bay. At 5:15 no wedding party yet, but a massive down pour. We figured with the rain, they'd probably skip the outdoor pics and head to the reception. Around 6:15, a half dozen cars pulled into the driveway. The weather had cleared and they left the reception, which was right across the street, to get her out door pics. My yard guard had been long washed away. They ran to the arbor where some pics were taken. I took a couple myself...

The bride and her bridesmaids.

The bride and groom.
With my lush thick greenery, the skeeters were all over them. Arms flailing around trying to keep them at bay.It was a losing battle, and the photographer convinced her to go back to the reception. They were in the yard all of maybe 5 minutes. Just a few arbor pics. None taken anywhere else.
I spent all summer working on the yard, for 5 minutes of pics.......Oh well.

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  1. Mosquitoes love me, too. Even without rain.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)