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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

trip #8, they're going fast!

Good morning.
The beach pic in the previous post was from Hoffmaster State park. Just a few miles south of Muskegon.
We did just a short 2 niter there. My Mom's birthday is coming up, and I spent Sunday with her. So we went up on Saturday after work, and came home on Monday. I cut her hair, did a few chores for her and took her to Applebee's for lunch followed by the VFW. We had a nice day. Later back at the campground, Craig and I went down to the beach. They had just put up the red flag, but the swimmers didn't seem to care. The waves were pretty high, but without a lifeguard on the beach, people still went into the water. It was nice to relax, sit in the sun, and people watch.
Monday morning, we packed up, dumped, and made it back home safely.
The one incident I mentioned yesterday was on the way to Muskegon. Our mo-ho has a 3 piece front grill. The passenger side section has been loose every since we bought the mo-ho back in 2005. I had wired it in place, and it did okay until this trip. We were going down the highway through a section of rough road, when we heard this noise as if we had run over something, except we hadn't seen anything on the road. We drove until the next exit, pulled off, and got out to see.....
We'd lost that passenger section of grill.
We decided it wasn't worth the time to go back and search for it. It was several miles, and we weren't sure exactly when it happened.
Well, on the way home, we decided to loop around and drive back down that stretch and see if we could possibly find it.
It was a nine mile loop back, and we didn't see a thing. We saw a lot of stuff,but not the grill piece. It might have tumbled down the bank into tall grass, or someone may have seen it on the side of the road and stopped to get it.
Anyway, back home, I e-mailed Newmar to see if it was possible to get a replacement. They promptly e-mailed back, and I'd have to order the entire front grill, and it would cost $509.00 plus shipping. For some reason, even though the entire front bumper cap is fiberglass, these grill pieces are heavy metal. Shipping will be expensive.
Craig said we'll think about it. He has other ideas that may work. I'm not so sure, but we'll see. :-)
Now, I'm going out to clean up the mo-ho for the next trip before I need to get Craig up at 8 for his 9am physical.


  1. Could have been worse like when we lost a fender or an awning while driving.

  2. See if you can't find a junk yard somewhere. You might get lucky and find something similar.
    Having to replace the whole thing, when it's obviously 3 pieces is ridiculous.

    Check the internet, too. There may be after market places that sell the separate sections.

    Our awning is going to need repair or replacing...

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Do a google search for RV salvage and call around. Several places out west.

    Personally, I'd run down to your local hardware store and see if they have some sort of "Screen" or drilled panel, or check with a local auto parts store for aftermarket grill options, and swap out the other side too. Friends of our found really nice grill like material they used to swap out the glass in their overheads that they kept their sat receiver in, which stopped the overheating problem they had. That would look fine on your grill painted black.