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Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's over

Good morning.
Yep, fall is in the air. It's all of 36 out this morning, going for a high of only 56. It's suppose to get back into the low 70's later this weekend, but you can feel that the seasons have changed. It happened the day after Labor Day. The 'heat' was gone. Cooler weather had arrived overnight. It's chilly in the mornings. And darker. The days are getting quickly shorter. I dislike and despise our long winters. But, as I do every year, I'll enjoy our last few trips, stretching the season as long as I can, then spend the long, cold, dark winter, planning next years trips.
Yes, I could plan a week in warmer weather, but it would go by so fast, and I'd still be stuck in the rest of winter. And that money could better go toward the summer trips I enjoy so much.
Anyway, the Salon has been busy. The phone has been ringing, and I'm completely booked the rest of the week. :-)
It's good to see business getting back to where we were before the recession.
Now, time to get ready for work...


  1. Congratulations on being busy! Hopefully that will start to show in the rest of the country. Haven't seen it here so far.
    Have fun!