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Monday, October 03, 2011

Our Ft Wayne trip

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon, since I wasn't in town Sunday. :-)
After finishing an incredibly busy week on Friday afternoon, we headed out with the mo-ho down I-69 south about 2 1/2 hours to the city of Ft Wayne, In.
Here we stayed at the Johnny Appleseed campground.
This campground is run by the city parks dept. and is located right in the city on the St Mary's River. The site had 50 amp electric and water at the site for only $18 a night.
We had a spacious pull thru site. We arrived near dinner time, set up, and decided to have an easy dinner. Since we were right in the city, we drove a few blocks to KFC for some tasty chicken. There was to be no campfire that evening due to too much wind. It was also a very cold weekend with highs in the mid 50's to near 6o.
Saturday we awoke to 44 out, but were nice and warm in our mo-ho. The campground was mostly rv's, but there were 3 tenters. Now they are true campers. :-)
We headed out with our coffee's to the South side Farmers Market, where we picked up some taters, peppers, and carrots to go with one of our meals, and we also found in their flea market section a carafe to replace one we had broken. When we travel, we like to support the local economy. :-)
Then we headed downtown to the Headwaters Park for the Ft Wayne Chilifest.

For $5 we got to try numerous chili's as much as we wanted. We received 5 tickets to use to vote for our favorites. After trying all the different chili's we went back an retryed some of our favorites. We settled on 2 that we liked and did our voting.

Back at the campground, with the sun out, we took a walk along the river across from the campground.
With so much chili in our bellies, we opted for a lighter dinner of turkey kielbasa's.
Sunday morning greeted us to 41 out, but with the sun, it quickly rose to 58. :-\
The event of the day, was Brickworld. A Lego extravaganza!

I'm not into Lego's, but there are people very passionate about them and theses displays showed that. It was a very interesting day, looking at all the different Lego creations.

They even did portraits with Lego's!

They did an amazing job recreating the worlds famous skyscrapers.
All of these things were made with those tiny little Lego blocks. For the rest of the 30 some pics if your interested, see my webshots album here.
Then it was lunch time and we went to a place called Granite city Food and Brewery. I had a tasty Buffalo Chalupa, and Craig had the Prosciutto Olive Flatbread Pizza. They were very good!
Then on the way back to the campground, we took a stop at the historic Ft Wayne.
This was a replica of the fort that stood here. Glad I didn't live back during those times. :-)
Then back at the campground, we took a short hike over to the namesake of the park, Johnny Appleseed's grave site.

It sits on a hill that now overlooks the Ft Wayne Coliseum.

And if you look closely, on the right, behind the solid fence is the campground, and next to it, some of the parking lot for the Coliseum which is off to the distance on the right. So our campground was truely in the city. Made for an easy drive to everything.
For dinner, we had pork cutlets on the grill with grilled tater's, carrots and peppers. Delish!
Monday morning, we broke camp, and arrived back in Lansing just after noon. We got there safe, we arrived home safe, and no incidences. It was a very good trip. :-)


  1. Sounds like a great time, Wayne. I'd definitely love to see that Farmer's Market. :)

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Looks like you guys had a nice time. We've been to 'Legoland' in California and it was neat to see all of the creations. Some people have a real talent working with legos.

    MarkandCraiginTennessee (head'n west Monday). :o)

  3. I love the Lego stuff and spotted the DC Comics, Justice League - Hall of Justice.

  4. Just finished looking at all the pictures you took at Brickland. That is a mind numbing amount of Lego's! :)