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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the water heater saga continues.

Good morning.
Our beautiful summer like weather is slowing coming to an end. High today in the low 70's, but by Saturday, only mid 50's. It was nice while we had it. :-)
Now on to the water heater. Michigan Plumbing came out in the morning, studied the situation, and decided since it's not venting into the house every time the air is running, there must be another factor at play here. He suggested wind might occasionally be blowing into the vent cover creating a negative pressure keeping the water heater from venting normally. He said to contact the furnace installer and ask if another type of vent cap is available. If the furnace guy doesn't think that's an issue, they'd be happy to replace our water heater. But for the expense, we should try all other possible ideas. I thanked them, and they left. In the afternoon, Moore plumbing came over. He also checked everything out, thought it was possible air could be sucked down the exhaust and said a self contained water heater would eliminated the issue. The cost? $2200.00.
I thanked him for coming out, and said I'd think about it.
Sooo, I think I'll call the furnace guy first and see if there's any chance the wind might be causing problems with the vent. I'm sure he'll say it couldn't, but it never hurts to ask. :-)
The rest of the day, I blew and vacuumed leaves. They're coming down pretty fast, and the trees haven't even completely turned yet. Very odd.
Craig returned home from the eye doctor. His overall vision hadn't changed much, but his reading did. So new lenses are in order. He also decided on the new frames. With the discounts he got, the exam, frames and lenses ended up costing $550.00. Not bad, really, since we don't have vision insurance.
And now, another work week. Looks to be fairly busy. That's good, we have glasses and possibly a new water heater to pay for. :-)


  1. Perhaps you can make or find a different style vent cap if the furnace guy is no help. Something to just change how the one you have works, I mean.

    But if they can't help you, how much would the system be from Michigan Plumbing? I'd be tempted to go with him, just because he tried to save you some money first.

    That sounds like a really good price on the vision package, too.
    Have a great week!