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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday quicky

Good morning.
It looks like the cold weather is here to stay.  :-(
25 out this morning, with a high forecast of only 43.
The Salon has been nice and steady this week, with me working a little later today than usual, and tomorrow looks solid too.
Tonight is Lansing's Silver Bells in the City, where they have an electric light parade, singing groups scattered around the downtown venues, the tree lighting in front of the capitol, and fireworks. Too bad it's going to be so cold. I'll come home from work, and stay warm inside. I'll watch highlights on the news.  :-)
That's my quickie post for today, now time to get ready for work.....


  1. It's 27°F here in Charlotte.

  2. Ken worked late too.
    Not quite so cold here, but low 30s last night and tonight.

    Mom is looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Safe trip and have a wonderful visit!