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Sunday, December 04, 2011

poor Craig

Good morning.
I"ve just returned from cleaning the Salon.
The last 2 days have been very mild. Low 40's. It's rained all night and into this morning, and almost all of the snow we got Tuesday night, is gone.  :-)
We ended the salon week on a busy note, and the books for the next few weeks look to be busy also. It is the holiday season. ho ho ho.
For dinner, we had a delicious taco salad, and watched the movie, Our Idiot Brother. Not as good as I thought it would be. 
I'm letting Craig sleep in  today. He had a rough evening. His Spartans lost the big Ten Championship game. It was a heart breaker. They were so close to winning.
So while Craig sleeps in, I'll go to Sam,s Club for Salon supplies, and to another beauty supply business  that's running a 20% off sale today only. Sam's opens at 10, the other place, 11. Craig should be up when I return. We'll see.  :-)
Oh, and in response to more comments about the beautiful snow pic. I see most of the 'isn't it beautiful' comments are from you southern folk which probably almost never see the stuff. And yes, wet clingy snow does make for a beautiful winter wonder land picture. Only if you can just sit and look at it. For me, it's more work in the morning clearing the drive before I go to regular work, it's scary driving amongst people who don't respect the snow, and it's more work at the Salon having to clean the floors more often. And this will go on for the better part of 4 months. So no, I don't really care for the stuff.   :-)


  1. I like snowy and rainy days BUT only if I can stay inside. I would not be happy if I had to shovel snow or defrost the car before heading out. Speaking of driving, you should be around Southerners when there is ice or snow on the roads. Another reason not to venture out!

  2. Bitch bitch bitch about the snow. ;-)

  3. Oh and snow only looks nice for a short time.

  4. Hehe.

    You don't have to tell me about drivers who don't respect the snow. That happens here every time we get snow.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I agree with you. Pretty in pictures. Fun for about ten minutes when it's the first snowfall of the season. Four months of crap after that. Hope it's not too bad for you guys this year!