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Sunday, January 15, 2012

another Sunday post

Good morning.
The work week ended with us getting out early on Saturday.  :-)
Got home and I fixed us beef and cheddar wraps for a late lunch. Spent the rest of the afternoon discussing possibly getting Craig a new Car. His PT Cruiser is 9 years old, and not looking it's best. He's had his sights on the Fiat 500. I think it looks like a girly car, but that's just my opinion.  :-)
The North American international Car Show just started in Detroit, so maybe we'll go there and check some cars out.
Craig made us a tasty pizza for dinner, and we watched the New England Patriots cream the Denver Bronco's. (that's football for you non sport fans  :-) )
And, this is the time of year, we start thinking about the summer's RV trips. We brought our appointment books home, and today, we'll go through and decide what weekends we can take off this year. Actually, yesterday, I booked to dates already that we knew we would be off. So, we now have something to look forward to that will help us get through the rest of the winter. And yes, the winter is here to stay. we've had a dusting of snow every day for the last few, and it was 17 out this morning when I went in to clean the Salon.  brrrrrr
Now shower time and wake up Craig.   :-)

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