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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I need to get back in shape. Don't we all?

Good morning.
I've just finished with my work-out. I'm back using my free weights. I started back up a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing too extreme, just trying to tone and get rid of holiday fat.  :-)
Here's a pic of my weight rack..
I have numerous weights with different sizes so I don't have to constantly switch plates for different muscle groups.
My collapsible weight bench.
I do a 3 day routine. Tuesday, chest and arms, Wednesday, shoulder and back, and Thursday, tummy and tush.  :-) I don't work out Friday and Saturday, because I go to work so early. Sunday I clean the Salon, and Monday is my lazy day.  :-)
Now just get rid of some fat from the tummy and hip areas, and I'll be looking decent. :-)
Craig's made good progress with the end of year stuff. All his totals balance, and he's done estimated taxes. He also funded my IRA, and reimbursed us for miscellaneous business expenses. I even helped by adding up millage from the pocket calendars we kept in the cars. We write down millage for anything business related, such as going to the bank for a deposit, and supply places. We get 51 cents per mile from last Jan. -June, and 55.5 cents per mile from July through Dec. It really adds up. Today, he's taking it easy. He'll do 1099's next weekend.
Today is Craig's 61st birthday, and we're going out to lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. He doesn't want to do anything to special.
And with that, it's time for my shower and wake him up.


  1. Happy Birthday, Craig! :-)

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    A BIG Happy Birthday to Craig!!!