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Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm a productive de-clutterer

Good afternoon.
It's been a productive couple of days.
I've filled 3 more garbage bags of stuff.  :-)
I even got Craig in the de-cluttering mood.  :-)
You just don't realize all the stuff that accumulates over time. Craig even found a box of floppy disks. None of our puters even have one any more.
In other news.....
We took Craig's Honda in for an inspection. The battery just isn't holding a charge. It's either a bad battery, a bad alternator, or a power drain. Still waiting for the mechanic to check it out and call.
And here's some pics I took yesterday that I'm sure you'll enjoy........

Yep! More snow. We got another 3 inches of it. It finally tapered off in the afternoon, and I was able to get out and clear the driveway. Believe it or not, it's suppose to get to 47 tomorrow.  :-\ Crazy weather.
Tomorrow morning I'm going in to the doctor. I've got this lump thingy on my eye lid that won't go away. I thought it was a sty, but warm compresses aren't doing anything about it and I've had it now for around 3 months. It's gotten large enough that customers are commenting on it. So, even though I don't have insurance to cover office visits, I decided not to wait for my April physical, and get it checked out.
I'll let you know the results.
And I'm typing this as Craig is starting dinner. We're having Mushroom Lasagna. That delicious  dish we tried a few weeks back. Can't wait!


  1. Mom said Louie got 8 inches. How does that compare to you?
    Crazy, at 47 it will probably all melt. These photos will just be memories. :)

    Hope it's nothing serious with your eye lid. Good luck! ♥

  2. We haven't gotten any snow so far and I'm thinking perhaps we won't at this point.