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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

our exciting life....

Good morning.
We've had some crazy weather the past few days. Saturday, there was snow on the ground. Sunday was cold and windy. Woke up Monday morning to very unusual thunderstorms, rain, and a temp of 45. By the afternoon, all the snow was gone.  :-) At least for now.
This morning, back to 31.
Didn't do much on Sunday. I spent a good part surfing the net. Booked another weekend RV trip. Craig made a really tender/tasty beef pot roast with carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Cooked it in one of those oven bags. Yummy!
Didn't do much on Monday either.. Our usual running around. Craig did make a big batch of chilli, and it was delish! Had plenty left over to freeze.  :-)
I did some light cleaning, but spent a good part of the day playing on the puter.I did start up the mo-ho,and let it run a while to make sure the battery stays charged up. it has a small solar panel on the roof that's suppose to trickle charge it, but who knows how well that works. Anyway, it did start right up after sitting since late November.
And that's the extent of our exciting weekend so far. Today looks to be another exciting lazy day. :-)


  1. Not well if you have a lot of cloudy weather, I expect.
    Enjoy the last of your weekend!

  2. I love exciting lives!