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Friday, February 03, 2012

I'm draggin

Good morning.
UGH! I've got a cold.......a good old fashion head cold. Haven't had one in years. Sinus pressure, drainage, cough, stuffed up. Thank goodness for drugs.   :-)
I've heard back from the mechanic on Craig's Honda. Apparently, it is just a bad battery. He put it in the garage each night for 3 nites, and no unusual draws on the battery. The alternator is charging properly, so that leads to a bad battery. The last battery we got was from Walmart. He said those and Sam's club batteries are lucky if they last 3-4 years. They are just cheap ass batteries. He's putting in a battery that has a 6 year warranty, but should last 8-10. And it isn't much more than the Walmart battery.
The Salon has been fairly slow this week, which is good since my energy level is a bit on the low side thanks to this cold. And I know, I shouldn't be exposing other people to my cold, But first of all, your more contagious a few days before symptoms start, and second, I call all my customers and give them the option of re-scheduling if they don't want to get exposed. So far, only 1 customer has switched.
Now, I have to drag my tired ass to the shower and pull myself together for another work day. 


  1. Hubby is home with a cold, too.
    Hope you make it to your weekend, and you both get better soon!

  2. I just got over a cold. Feel better fast!