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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

my little project

Good afternoon.
I know, an unusual afternoon post.  :-)
It was a beautiful day today, partly cloudy, and low 50's.
I got the lighting project finished.
Some time ago, we updated the track lighting in the kitchen. Got new lights for the track. We then got the same lights for the dining area. After we put up the new track, I realized the old track looked nasty and needed to replace it.  So here's the before and after...

Since I don't look at the ceiling much, I didn't realize how bad the old track looked, but now it's nice and new and clean looking, and matches the lights. And I really like these lights. They not only light up the counters, but also the entire room.
It was such a nice day, I went outside and checked the water levels in the mo-ho house batteries, and decided to pick up branches. I pick up 687 of them. Well, it seemed like that many.  :-)
I then decided with all the branches, I could get some nice kindling from them. Here's what I got...
I also went golf ball fishing, but I'll save that for another post, and to keep you wondering what the hell that means.  :-)

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  1. LOL.
    Can't find enough to do around the house? ;-)