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Monday, March 26, 2012


Good afternoon.
I spent most of Monday with my Mom. Had a nice visit. Cut her hair, did some chores, took her to lunch at Applebee's, and then the club (VFW) for drinks and pull-tabs. We actually won this time.  :-)
On the way home, got into a traffic jam on the highway. Took 40 minutes to go 3 miles. And I was less than 10 miles from home.  :-\
There was apparently an accident, but by the time I passed the spot where it occurred, there was just one small car in the grass with the front crushed right to the windshield. Can't image what could have happened to cause that. But I got home safe.
Today, was back to cold. A high of only 45. brrrr. I did manage to get out and take the old blades off the riding mower. They are sooo dull. Need new one's. Checked around town and can't find them so went online and ordered them. Hope they get here before the grass is too tall.  :-)
I spent the rest of the day on the puter. Played games, read blogs, and even booked another RV weekend. 
And after our wonderful 2 weeks of summer, our normal spring has returned with forecast highs only around 50 for the next couple of weeks. I sure miss those 80's.  :-(
And now Craig is calling me for dinner, so later...


  1. You could get your blades sharpened instead of replacing them, unless, of course, you've already done that for years and there's nothing left to sharpen... ;)

  2. Yup. There are places that sharpen them. Or I believe you can buy a sharpener and do them yourself.
    Glad you and Mom had a good day, and really glad you got home safely!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ♥