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Sunday, July 08, 2012


Good afternoon.
The massive heat wave is finally over, and we are back  to normal temps of mid 80's.
Our drought though continues. Corn fields are shriveling, and I'm watering like there's no tomorrow. Our usual water bill is $18. Last month, $67. And that's just the perennial beds. No lawn.
I didn't do my usual Sunday morning post, as I was out sealing the driveway.Here's a couple of pics.....

The driveway is cracking up so bad, it took 4 gallons of crack filler and 3 1/4 five gallon buckets of sealer. I use to be able to seal it with just 2 five gallon buckets. It's gotten so porous and full of cracks. We really need to replace it, but I keep nursing it along hoping for another year. It actually looks pretty good after all the crack filler and sealer.
You can see how dry the grass is in the above pic. Brown. It's like that all over except for the few who have sprinkler systems.
And here's a few pics of the gardens....

They're looking pretty good despite the drought. I try to water them at least once a week.
And that's pretty much all I've got for now. Craig made a big batch of potato salad to go with dinner which will be pork cutlets on the grill.
Since I did the driveway this morning, tomorrow, I'll clean the Salon.


  1. Glad to hear it has cooled off some.

  2. So... will it be a concrete driveway next?