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Monday, July 30, 2012

it's mo-ho time

Good morning.
Yesterday was a very nice day as expected, sunny and mild. I took full advantage of it.
I've got 2/3 of the mo-ho waxed now. 

I think it's looking pretty good for a 10 year old motor home.  :-)
I also cleaned up the portable gas grill we use on our trips.
We've had this now for 7 years, and cleaning it 3 times a season has kept it looking good also.   :-)
Between waxing and cleaning the grill, were several cocktail breaks on  the deck to enjoy the nice weather.
For dinner, I grilled a turkey breast, and a couple of potatoes, and Craig steamed some cauliflower.
We've also been watching the Olympics. Sadly, our hometown girl, Jordyn Wieber didn't qualify for the all around. Hopefully, she'll do better in her other events.
Yes, Jordyn Wieber is from Dewitt, MI. Just outside of Lansing.
And now, while Craig gets his beauty rest, I'm going out to work on the mo-ho.


  1. Wow, the grill looks brand new.

  2. good job my friend, looking good :)