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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

trip #5, and so long for now.

Good morning.
We've returned from our 5th weekend RV trip.
This trip took us to Johnny Appleseed Campground in Ft Wayne, In.
This campground is right in the city about 3 miles from downtown.
Here's a pic....
The campground is actually in Johnny Appleseed Park. The park is nestled along the St Joesph River. The campground is at one end of the park. Our motor home was farther back in the woods. Just outside the campground you can see part of the Ft Wayne Coliseum, and just past the Coliseum, is a mall. We were near everything.. It's a nice small campground with water and electric at each site, and only $22 a night.
Driving to Ft Wayne, we went by field after field of corn that was only maybe 2 ft tall and starting to tassel. The news said they were expecting a total loss of the corn crop. It's been so dry in Indiana, that they have water restrictions across the entire state. Michigan's been pretty dry, but not like Indiana.
While we were in Ft Wayne, we took in the The Rivers Festival. It was in  large park right downtown. They had numerous things going on. Canoe races, pole vaulting, a midway, arts and crafts, live music, and of course numerous food vendors.
I also managed to get in a lot of biking despite the heat. They have what's called the River Greenway. It's an extensive bike trail along the three rivers and ran right through our park. I went out every morning, biking between 4-6 miles.
And we arrived there safe, and returned home safe, and there were no incidents. Another good trip.  :-)
And I've been thinking of taking  a leave from blogging. I look back through my posts and I've really got not much to say. We have a routine life, and for the most part, pretty boring. Even our trips are pretty boring. So I've decided to spare the few readers I have. This might be a phase I'm going through and may be back sooner than I plan, but right now, unless I feel I have something worthwhile to share, you won't see much of me.
And with that, time to get on with my day.
Thanks for reading.  :-)


  1. Ive been there, a great park. Its so funny to see someone write about my neck of the :)

  2. Some days I consider stopping too. It was nice when the garden was being created, but lately I wonder if there is any point in continuing. Most of my readers only visit my blog because I post on theirs; I doubt it has very much to do with their interest in me and what I’m doing. LOL I may not be very far behind you. :0)

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I've enjoyed reading your blog. I can understand that you may need to take a break though. The pic's were always enjoyable. Take care.

  4. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I always enjoy your updates and pics. Hopefully you won't stay away long.


  5. You have been posting a lot! I mean, pretty much every day since you started, right?
    Taking a break will probably do you good.
    Or only posting when you want to share something.
    You all have a great week, Wayne! *hugs* ♥

  6. We'll be here when you get back. Enjoy!

  7. Sure, take a week off.