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Friday, August 03, 2012

my burnt littl yard.

Good morning.It's been a crazy busy week in the Salon. I worked 11 hours yesterday, and am back to work this morning at 7:30.
Even though we have had some rain, it's been to late and too little. My yard has taken a beating. Even though I've watered like crazy, it was just to hot and dry. Of course, it doesn't help that I've been trying to keep an entire acre watered.
My normal water bill is $18. June's bill, $64. July's bill, $96. And still this is what the yard looks like....
My ornamental grasses, green, but withered.
My clematis vines, all dead on the bottom.
more burned plants.
Even the peonies have fall color already.
Another burnt ornamental grass
And a burnt Rodgersia.
So, if you've missed pics of the yard, this is why. It's not looking real good this year. I don't even enjoy being out in the yard. I stay on the deck.
But, it will soon be fall, and time to cut everything back for another long Michigan winter, and hope next summer is more kind.
And now it time to get back to work.
Have a great weekend!


  1. even burnt, it looks must have an amazing green thumb.

    Dont work to hard my friend

  2. I'm sure it will all bounce back next year.
    Have a good evening!

  3. You had a super short season this year, didn't you? My garden looks the same way...