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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Trip #5, Traverse City

Good afternoon.
Yes, we've just returned from trip #5. We're now, half way through our RV season.  :-(
This was our last extra long weekend. Taking off Saturday, and Wednesday.
This trip also took us to Traverse City State Park.  Another 'city' park as it's situated right in the city.
We left Friday afternoon, after work, as usual, arriving in Traverse City around 4pm.
It was a long drive up north, where they haven't been as dry as we are in the middle of the state. It was nice and green.
There is no direct highway to traverse City, so we had to go through 2 towns where the traffic was thick.
We arrived safe though which is our main concern.  :-)
Although it is a busy, packed campground, our early booking got us a nice spacious site in the back of the campground, backing up to a wooded area.
After setting up, we took a walk around the campground, and fixed dinner, which consisted of cheddar turkey sausages.
Saturday morning, after my morning bike ride, getting Craig up, and after our coffee walk, we headed into town.
Our first stop was the farmer's market for fresh veggies to go with the weekend's meals.
This was a really large market! Much bigger than even Toledo's! Yes, that's Craig holding our purchases.
After picking up some nice veggies and taking them to the car, we took in the classic boat show along the river downtown.

They had many assorted canoe's in the parking lot.
Here's a nice view of Grand Traverse Bay across the street from the farmer's market and boat show.
More boats lining the river....
Fortunately, we're not into classic boats, as there were many for sale.  :-)
Then we ventured into the shopping district for lunch and window shopping. Didn't see a thing we couldn't live without.  :-)
And also this weekend was the Traverse City Film Festival. We didn't go to any viewings, but all the sites we walked by had huge lines.
That afternoon, we headed over to the Traverses City Commons. It's an old state psychiatric hospital that's being rehabbed.
But now, I need to get some other stuff done. Will continue this post when I can.


  1. sounds like a really fun trip....great photos :)

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I always look forward to your 'trip' posts. You guys always find something interesting to see!


  3. Have a great Wednesday!