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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

update and back to work

Good afternoon.
Another gorgeous day here in Michigan. Sunny, temps in the low 80's.
Our walk this morning took us on to a new sidewalk.
One of the secondary east west roads was being extended. It's almost done. No car traffic yet, but the sidewalk was open. It was approximately a little over a mile and a half.
I never realized this part of the township was so wooded.
Back home, we mowed the yard, and I went to the salon to pick up a couple of deliveries. We had ordered seat covers for the mo-ho, and Craig ordered snow tires for his new Hyundai.

 Yes, he ordered tires and wheels. A lot more expensive, but so much easier to install.
The reason for snow tires is obvious in these pics. The lower pic, his 2 month old Hyundai with tires that look worn to the nub. That's because they came with very little tread. All the newer cars have low resistance tires meaning they glide along the road with little resistance. That's to help increase the mpg a little more. The problem with that, as I found with my KIA, is they're absolutely no good in the snow and ice. Since we bought snow tires for the KIA, and they work great, it makes sense to get them for the Hyundai.

And it looks like I'm going to need to reseed the lawn. Even though it's greened up nicely, there are many bare spots that I don't think will recover.
From afar, it looks pretty good.
And the pots are doing remarkably well. The new potting soil with water retentive granules is working amazingly. I only water the pots every 3 days. Even during the drought!
In other news................
We got the new seat covers for the mo-ho, and I was anxious to get them installed.
Never mind. They stink!
They don't fit the back good, the arms look cheap, and they look like cheap chair covers. Now, I haven't had seat covers in years, but I thought they'd have improved them by now.......NOPE!
They're going back! Garret, I hope you didn't order them. Sorry.
And, we finished the day on the deck with cocktails.  :-)
Right now, Craig is fixing dinner which is a diced sauteed chicken, with broccoli, carrots, onions, mushrooms in a lemon pepper sauce.
Sounds tasty. And the work week is looking to be quite busy.
And that's the news for now.......


  1. snow tires are a much needed thing in these parts :) have a nice evening friend :)

  2. You got the Miracle Gro with Water retention? Glad to hear it works so well.
    Have a great evening!

  3. No, I didn't order them. LOL.