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Sunday, September 09, 2012

let me answer a few questions...

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. My back issues continue. I wake up stiff and aching, use a warm wet compress for half an hour, and I'm pretty much fine the rest of the day. No aching, just a little bit of tightness and tenderness. I'm doing my normal stuff during the day with no problem. My back just tightens up during the night. I've started some back exercises to see if that will help.
To answer a few questions I've received......
    "Too bad you couldn't have done the thinning for your next plant sale..."
I couldn't put any of these plants from that bed I'm digging out in a plant sale because at the back of that bed was my huge satellite dish. I didn't like the bare dirt underneath it so I planted a ground cover and edged it with patio blocks. Well, over the years, it has spread under the patio blocks and nearly through out the entire bed. I wouldn't want to 'infect' any one's yard with the stuff. And I can't get rid of it because it spreads by underground roots. I don't mind it as long as I only plant large perennials that can over come it.
     "How old is your mattress?"
Replacing the mattress is something I'll consider if other options don't get my back better. But I had the same issues sleeping in the mo-ho, so I don't think it's the mattress.
     "I assume the fast track thingy is $30 more a person?"
The fast track program at Cedar point is $65 for one person, $60 for 2 people, $55 for 3people and so on, if your buying for a family. Individually, $65. And that's on top of your regular entry ticket. I think it's a lot too, but there were tons of people there willing to fork over the cash to 'cut' to the front of each ride. 
Oh, and 3 days after we arrived home, Cedar Point sent me am e-mail asking me to fill out a survey on my trip. Boy, did I give them an earful! Interested to see if they respond back.
 And it ended up being a good week in the Salon. I got out early enough Saturday to pick up a new shovel for my yard work. Broke the other one working on the flower bed removal which I plan to continue today. It's suppose to be nice and mild, partly sunny, and low 70's. Great weather for transplanting.  :-)
And here's a couple of things currently blooming gin the early fall garden....

Above, Japanese Anemone, and below Turtle head.
And just a few more bloom on my perennial Hibiscus.
And you can see below the linger affect on our dry hot summer...
My hostas all over the yard look pretty much like these.
Now I'm off to wake up Craig and get on with the day.


  1. I hope it gets better soon my friend...have you ever tried yoga? It/the stretches help my back :)

  2. Your garden looks great!
    Boy I understand the pain of 'spreading underground'.

    Not sure what kind of bed your mo-ho has, but I have some joint problems sleeping on the mattress in our trailer. They work themselves out after I get up and start moving around.
    We used to have a lot of back problems. Again, we'd get up and start moving and feel okay. We loved our mattress. It remembered us. ;o)
    A new mattress solved 99% of our aches. Can't wait until we can sleep on it again.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I hope you find some back pain relief. It's miserable, I know first hand.