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Friday, September 28, 2012

relief at last!

Good morning.
I'm happy to report my back issues are improving dramatically!  :-)
I had been experiencing slow improvement, but yesterday, on the recommendation from a few customers, I went over to the mall to a small place called Chinese Massage. They apparently do a different type of massage than I've gotten before. They worked on my back for 20 minutes. Cost, $25. Afterwards, I felt pretty good, but wasn't sure if it would help, as I usually feel pretty good during the day. The real test would be how I felt in the morning.
Well,  I awoke this morning with some tightness, but no aching or tenderness. I'd say at least 50% better than yesterday.  :-)
My back actually feels somewhat normal this morning, besides the tightness, which I would assume is normal since I've been dealing with this thing for nearly 4 weeks. It'll probably take time for those muscles to loosen up. But I don't feel I have a knot in my back. I think they got that worked out finally.
So this morning, I'm cancelling my physical therapy appointments. That will save me some big bucks at $150 a session! And I plan on a few more massage sessions to get me back to 100% normal again.
That's one thing about my type of job. I see a lot of people during the day, and can get a lot of advice. With so many customers, a lot of them have been through similar issues and can share what worked for them.
I would never have thought about massage as a way to deal with my back, but they really worked on my back with a lot of different techniques.
I couldn't be happier!  :-)
And now, I must run as I've got a full day ahead of me.
Have a great weekend!


  1. That is great. I will have to suggest that to Michael.

  2. That is great news, Wayne!
    Happy Saturday to you!

  3. Massages are wonderful, I hope it totally heals you!