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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

back and weekend update

Good morning.
Well, it's been a nice warm last couple of days, but also very wet.
After mowing up all the leaves on Monday, it rained Monday night, and this is what I saw Tuesday morning.

Even more leaves than when we arrived home Monday.
Fortunately, although it threatened rain all day, it held off long enough to do another leaf cleaning. I blew all the leaves from the side of the garage into the back yard, where I took it real slow with the rider, mowing them up.

There, cleaned up again. For now.
These are the 2 maples that will continue to give me leaves for another week or so. They are right along the lot line, and the wind has not been good to us this year.
We did go out to lunch for our aniversary. Nothing fancy. Actually, I was in the mood for a good burger, so we went to a local bar and I had their really good olive burger, and Craig had a cheese burger. They hit the spot!
Back home, after the blowing and mowing, I finished removing the rest of the stuff from the mo-ho, including all the batteries from the various things. Clock, remotes, safe, flashlights, etc.
It's now ready to take in for an oil change and generator service before parking it for the long Michigan winter.
And as late in the season as it is, there's still a few things blooming.....
A climbing rose that hasn't bloomed all year. Weird.
Another late bloomer, Monkshood.
In other news.....
My back continues to heal, although very slowly. I'm done with physical therapy, for now, at least. After discussions with the therapist and my concern for the cost, she thought I was progressing enough that I could continue home therapy, and I should be okay. I still awake with some aching and stiffness, but that too is lessening, and I am sleeping very well now and able to sleep in any position.
And after going much of the summer with almost no water heater issues, it's been venting indoors now off and on for a couple of weeks. We've decided to go with the second recommendation and have the water heater vented straight up through the ceiling, and then over to the chimney.  We were doing laundry yesterday, and it vented inside 4 times. Craig is 'over' it.
I'll call them this morning and set up a time and day.
And with that, time to get ready for another work week.


  1. the rose is beautiful. Glad to hear the back is better :)

  2. Good luck with the water heater issues. Glad to hear your back is still making progress!
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures, too. No maples here (in the yard, anyway); I'm a little surprised yours don't have more color.
    Have a great week!

  3. Glad to hear about your back!