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Friday, November 30, 2012

Maybe this is it?

Good morning.
As was expected, it's been a very busy week in the Salon. Should look that way right through the holidays.
I'm happy to report, the Chiropractor I'm going to seems to be doing what I finally need. My spine was so out of whack, that although the physical therapy was strengthening my back, the spine was fighting it. That's why I hit a plateau and didn't get any better.  The physical therapy wasn't working on the initial cause of my pain. The Chiro said my spine was out of alignment so long, it was very hard to get it back where it belongs. The first few sessions just about killed me with him working hard to put it back. But the last session, it went back fairly easy. Even though I've only had 5 chiro sessions, I'm noticing an improvement with sleeping and morning stiffness. He thinks in another week or so, it should start staying where it belongs, and I'll be able to start spreading out visits.  I expect as I continue chiro treatments and my exercises, I should be back to normal soon.  :-)
Other than that, not much to say. We're in for another warmer than normal weekend, as temps are forecast to rise to near 60. That will be nice.  :-)
And now, time for work.


  1. Is this the same chiro you started with or did you go to a different one?

  2. Great to hear about your back, Wayne!