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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a post christmas post.

Good morning.
Another Christmas over, and another nice day.  :-)
 As is our tradition on Christmas, Craig fixed a turkey with White castle Stuffing, and as usual, it was delish!
Yes, I ate that whole leg and thigh.   :-)
Craig tried a new potato dish. A recipe he saw in a magazine. It added chopped onions and celery when boiling the taters. After mashing, he stirred in 2% shredded swiss cheese, put it in a casserole dish, topped with paprika and baked it. We both decided it was good, but not great. So too much work for just good. He won't make that again.  :-)
It's a little fuzzy as I had to sneak a quick shot. You know how he hates his pic taken.   ;-)
We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies.
And this morning, I just finished installing a new modem.  Lately, the old modem hasn't been turning on easily. I'd turn it on, and the light would be dim, and then go out.  I'd have to do that numerous times before it would stay lit. I called tech support, and they decided to send me a new one. I left the old one on until I could swap it.
They had me swap all the cables and cords also. I have to mail the old one back this morning so I don't get charged.  :-)
Now, time to get ready for another work week.


  1. Make sure you send it back with a signature required. It may not help, AT&T is still trying to make us pay for one we have proof was returned, so that's all I can say. Take pictures of the package before you send it, too.
    I wish I had done that, in hindsight.

    Have a great week!

  2. You turn your modem on and off?