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Thursday, February 28, 2013

another Nexus 7 update

Good morning.
 I finally received my order from Amazon. I received a new cover that makes my Nexus 7 even more portable when I don't need the extra keyboard.
And it also has a built in 2 angle stand for hands free viewing.
I received and used 1 of a 3 pack of screen protectors that fit the screen perfectly. And it doesn't appear to affect the touch capabilities of the screen so far.   :-)
And finally, I got the usb adapter for the keyboard.
It worked just as advertised. I just plugged it in to the port on the Nexus 7 and into the usb cord of the keyboard, and it worked automatically. No need for me to change any settings.
The keys on the keyboard are a bit small, but still much larger than on the Nexus screen, and of course, it lets me use the entire screen when typing.
The staff seems happy with the new wall color in the Salon, and surprisingly, not one customer has commented about it. I guess it doesn't scream out at you so it's not overly apparent that it's different. That's good, right?
But I like the change, and all that matters is me, right?   :-)
Now time to get ready for work. The phone's been ringing, so it's gotten pretty busy.


  1. Exactly, Haha. You're the one (and Craig) who has to be pleased.
    Have a great day!

  2. I was a subtle paint color change so people not noticing seems likely.

  3. Thanks for the Nexus keyboard update. Glad to hear that it was that simple. Now I have to think about it.