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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

did you say a million dollars?

Good morning.
We had quite the unusual day yesterday.
We had a money market account that was earning next to nothing, and decided to move it to another bank with a not much better rate.   :-\
We went to Flagstar, where we already had a CD. 
Went in told them we want to open a Smart Savings account and we already had a CD with them. The nice lady took us over to a desk, and proceeded to set us up with the account. Upon putting in Craig's name to pull up our other account, she said he already had a Smart Savings account. He said, no, I don't. I have just the CD here. She then ask to verify, his whole name, address, and SS number. Apparently, they all matched the name on the other account. She asked him if he knew anyone in Bloomfield Hills, (that's like the richest suburb of Detroit) He said no. The she asked him if he knew another name on that account. He didn't. She was puzzled, and we were concerned. how did someone get all his info, and why would they use it to open a savings account. Craig asked, "how much money is in the account". She said a little over a million. I said, "Craig, I think that's your cousin from your dad's side you've never seen." He looks at me and says, "ya, you wish."
Anyway, long story shortened up a bit,.
After she made a few calls, she discovered that the person down in Bloomfield Hills that opened the account, A person with almost the same name, different middle name, was put on the account as a beneficiary, and she accidentally pulled up Craig's info, instead of the other Craig.
If we wouldn't have gone in to open an account, that mistake may never have been discovered. Not that it would have benefited Craig. As a beneficiary, he couldn't have touched the account anyway unless the people that opened it passed away.
Computers are only as good as the people putting in the info.
And now back to work for another work week, but first, here's another tasty batch of wings I made yesterday.

On the left, garlic Parmesan, and the right, honey barbecue. um good!


  1. The garlic Parmesan wings turn out darker than the barbecue?
    They do look yummy!
    What a crazy mix-up.
    Hope you both have a great week!

  2. At my bank, we couldn't tell someone that they were a beneficiary. That was the account holder's business. What if thug nephew John knew he would be coming into a large sum of money once aunt Mary died? The situation could inspire foul play. Shame on them.