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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Locks of Love

Good morning.
Winter is still hanging around here in Michigan. We got another 2 inches of snow overnight.   :-(
We should be in the mid 40's this time of year, but the weekend looks like it'll stay in the mid to upper 30's. No early spring this year.
 The salon has been fairly slow, but steady, and I'm fully booked for today.
I did another Locks of Love haircut this week.

I had the mother of the girl fill out the donation  form, I put in two ponytails, measured the proper length, and cut them off. I bagged them, put them in a cushioned mailer, and will send them off this morning. I then re-cut the girls hair into a short bob.
And with nothing else to say, I'm off for my last day of work this week.

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