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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

stupid, no good, weatherman

Good morning.
Well, as usual, the weatherman was wrong again.
Monday, it rained a brief period early, and was sunny most of the day, and Tuesday, it looked like it wanted to rain, but didn't. So much for a 70% chance of rain.
Soooo, I took advantage of that and did some more work in the yard.
We have a fountain out in the yard, and I had Mother of thyme planted in it. Some years it looks great, and other years not so much. This was one of those years. Once it started to grow, I could see it was half dead. It's done this before, and I usually sort out the dead stuff, thin the good stuff and replant. Not this year. Because it's a raised bed, it can get very dry during the winter if we don't have much snow fall. This past winter was one of those, and so it drys out to much and dies off. So, I decided to tear it all out, and replant with a creeping sedum that thrives in dry soil.
Here's the after pic. I didn't think of getting a before one. This sedum spreads quite fast, and should fill in the entire top by late summer.
I also did a bunch more weeding, and I'm surprisingly in good shape for so early. Downsizing flower beds has accomplished what I intended. Less weeding. And it should also help in the fall, with less deadheading.
Also, we cleaned out the dryer vent. This is what we took out of the chute, after the lint screen.
Couldn't believe how much lint gets past the lint screen!
And as promised, here's a few pics of some tree peonies that have begun blooming...

And now, time for another work week. It's looking to be crazy busy, as I'm going in early today and tomorrow, as it's a short week due to the Memorial Holiday this weekend.


  1. Your yard looks great, Wayne.
    That is a lot of lint. Surprisingly.
    Have a great week!

  2. Saw your blog name over at Dirt Therapy and was curious. Looks like a nice life you've carved out for yourself & partner in space...why do we even need to worry about terraforming Mars?