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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

trip #2. Maumee Bay State Park

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. It's currently a cold 52 with rain. Over the holiday weekend, we went to Maumee Bay State Park. We arrived Friday afternoon, after working half a day at the Salon.
It was a cool chilly weekend. Mostly sunny, low 60's, with a brisk cold northern wind. 
Not the best weather, but we managed to have a good time.   :-)
Went for a bike ride Friday before dinner, which was turkey kielbasa's.
Saturday morning, I didn't bike as it was only 39 when I got up.  :-(
We did go for a coffee walk when Craig got up as it had gotten up into the upper 40's by then. Then headed into Toledo for a stop at the downtown farmers market. The place was packed! Besides the usual selection of produce, this weekend was flower weekend, where the market invited area growers to sell flower, perennials, and hanging baskets.
I found a really cool hosta, but didn't buy it due to no place to put it as I've been downsizing my flower beds.
After navigating the market, we headed over to the Libby Outlet store, where we managed to buy nothing.
Then as usual for our trips to Maumee Bay, lunch at Tony Packo's.

We eat at the one downtown near the baseball stadium. It's only about 8 blocks from the farmers market. Of course, we both had 2 of their famous Hungarian chili dogs. Yummy!
Then back to the campground where we managed to find a sheltered spot in the sun to relax with cocktails.
Later, another bike ride, and pork steaks on the grill with a baked potato and grilled marinated zucchini.
Sunday morning, after our coffee walk, we headed over to the new Hollywood Casino, on the south side of Toledo. It's been open just barely a year, and looks very nice with it's art deco decor.
We spent a couple of hours playing the slots and when we were ready to leave, I was up $40, but Craig was down $30.  Is anybody noticing a trend here? I think I need to leave Craig home, or in the car with a book.  :-)
Then on the way back to the campground, we stopped for lunch at a Buffalo Wild Wings where I, of course, partook in spicy garlic wings, and Craig had mini pulled pork sandwiches.
Back at the campground, it was a little nicer as the temps had reached into the mid 60's and the wind was light. Still colder than normal for this time of year, but okay.  After relaxing a bit, another bike ride. This time, over to the beach, about a mile away. At least it was good weather for biking.
Then we made chicken thighs on the grill with another baked potato and grilled asparagus.
While fixing dinner we notice out the window behind the couch, a couple of Baltimore Orioles where feasting on nectar from the tiny flowers on this bush.
Sorry for the pic, but it was shot through the window, and the sun was on that side of the mo-ho too.
Before retiring for the evening, I strapped up the bikes, put away the grill and chairs for an early morning departure.
We arrived home late Monday Morning, safe and sound. All systems functioned normally. It was another good trip!
I managed to get the yard mowed while Craig did his usual paperwork and laundry, before a late afternoon rain moved in.
Today will be our usual Monday running around before back to work tomorrow, which looks like another crazy busy week.

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  1. I wish some of that cold weather would come down this way! Our nighttime lows are in the low 70s right now. :-)
    Glad you had a good trip, Wayne!