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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

another weekend over

Good morning.
Well, another weekend over. They sure do go fast! And mine is a 3 day weekend!
 Most of it was quite cool for this time of year. Monday morning was only 40 so too cold to work in the yard until later in the day. But I did get more weeding done and the yard is looking good!
 Here's more pics.....
Solomon's Seal in one of my shade areas, and a Rhododendron.

A herbaceous Peony. And waterlilies starting to bloom
Another shade garden filling in nicely, and another pic of the beauty bush, which is holding it's flowers longer than usual thanks to the cooler weather.
And I've been working on the mo-ho. Got it washed, and waxed the caps. They are the curved section that connects the roof to the side of the mo-ho. I also cleaned and polished the wheels.
But now, time to get ready for anther work week. After a crazy busy week last week, this one's looking pretty slow. We'll see.

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