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Friday, July 26, 2013

growing pains

Good morning.
It's been another crazy busy week, though Friday and Saturday look a bit less hectic.
We had some storms roll through late Tuesday morning. Fortunately, it was after our power walk.
And besides our busy week, Craig also managed to find time Thursday for a walk. Today and tomorrow being shorter days, we should be able to fit a walk in also.
Before we mowed Tuesday, I took these pics.....

You can see the lawn littered with pieces of bark. They come from a London Plane tree we planted nearly 20 years ago. It's related to the American Sycamore, but has a better overall shape.
The bark peels off the upper branches each summer as the tree 'grows', and the branches expand.
Craig wanted this tree for the beautiful mottled bark it gets as it ages. He just didn't realize what transpires to achieve this look.
But it does have a nice branching for very good shade. If you don't mind a mess on your grass for about a month.   :-)
Fortunately, our mulching mower pulverizes it and you wouldn't even know it happened, until it starts dropping more.
Now time to get going.
Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I think crepe myrtles do something similar, because they are 'smooth bark' trees, too.
    Great looking tree. I love trees.
    Enjoy. ♥