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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

which one do you like?

Good morning.
We've been suffering through a mini heat wave as temps have climbed into the 90's the last couple of days with 2 more days also forecast.
Despite the heat and humidity, we've managed to get in our morning power walks.
Yesterday, I washed the Kia and Hyundai with plans to wax at last one of them, but even with a chamois, I couldn't get them to dry. It was just way to humid with a dew point of 73.   :-\
I did paint one of our entrance doors.
Our house, built in 1953 was constructed of what they called 'school house brick'.
Apparently, numerous schools built during that period used this brick.
Anyway, I thought that the color Craig had on them were too purple based for the brick, like the pic below, so I talked him into a different red, one with a more orange base, like above.
Looking at the house from a distance, which one do you prefer?

And for dinner, we made a complete meal on the grill.
Grilled baked potato, pork cutlets, grilled onions, peppers and zucchini.It was easy and tasty! And the recipe is over here.
So not a whole lot done over the weekend, but a nice weekend none the less.
Oh, and a bonus with our new lifestyle changes. I've cut my blood pressure meds in half, and Craig looks like he may be able to stop his altogether!  Not to mention, we've both lost a few pounds. Who knew just a couple small changes could make quite a bit difference!
Now time for another work week.


  1. I think your color works. It's a good change.
    Hope your work week is a good one!

  2. davidz10:27 AM

    Although purple (and all its variations) is my favorite color, I must agree with your looks best with the brick, I think. Have a great day and stay cool!