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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

a weekend trip

Good morning.
Well, my long labor day weekend is over, and now it's time to get back to work.
I don't know if my 2 prewritten  published posts fooled anyone, but we were gone for the long weekend.   :-)
We went to one of our favorite campgrounds, Maumee Bay State Park, just east of Toledo on Lake Erie.
We arrived late afternoon on Friday, and got settled into our site. There was a chance for thunderstorms that night, so I decided to roll up the awning before retiring. I could have used tie-downs and de-flappers, but I knew if storms hit, Craig would be up and down all night checking on the awning.
Besides, as long as I don't put lights up, it's a snap to open and close it.
I'm glad I did as very strong storms developed during the night. It must have rained for 3 hours!
On my early morning walk, I noticed 4 travel trailers, 3 pop-ups, and one mo-ho had awnings ripped off or damaged. I also counted 7 tents, completely collapsed or partial collapsed. And that was just in the 3 spokes I walked. There are 8 spokes in the campground.
After Craig got up, we went for are morning coffee walk, had a light breakfast, and headed into town. Toledo has a very nice farmers market, right downtown. We picked up some fresh zucchini and corn for our dinners at the mo-ho. Went for our power walk along their river, and stopped into Tony Packo's for a couple of their delish Hungarian Chilli Dogs.   Yum!
Then back to the campground where we took a little bike ride.
As a special treat for the holiday weekend, we had t-bone steaks on the grill. Um-mm good!
Since there was another chance of thunderstorms, I rolled up the awning once again. We were fortunate, the rain came only at night, and the days were dry and hot.
Sunday morning, our coffee walk, light breakfast, and off we were again. This time, over to the Hollywood Casino, on the south side of Toledo. And what seems to be a broken record, I left $40 up, but Craig was $30 down. I really need to leave him home.   :-)
Since we were close, we headed over to one of their big outdoor malls. Did some window shopping but spent no cash.  :-)
Then we headed back downtown, to the Docks. A complex of restaurants across the river from downtown. We ate at the outdoor patio at Forrester’s on the River. A beautiful day, and good food.
Then back to the campground for another power walk, and relaxing with the Sunday paper.
After chicken thighs on the grill for dinner, and another evening walk, we broke down camp as much as we could for an early morning departure. This campground has 260 sites, and on holiday weekends, they all leave on Monday, so if you wait until mid morning to leave, the line to the dump station could be nearly an hour long. Of course, we could always bypass that and dump when we get home, but Craig likes to pre-dump, and put ice in the tank and re-dump back at home.
I don't care, as I'm an early riser anyway. So i got Craig up at 6:45, and we were ready to leave at 7:15. Got to the dump station and one of the 2 site were open. By time I finished dumping, there were 3 in line already!
Anyway, we arrived back in Lansing, with no mishaps, and another good trip!
And now, I gotta get going!

1 comment:

  1. When we first bought our travel trailer, we thought we were going to travel like that, haha.
    Little did we know.
    Glad you had a safe trip and a good time!

    Ice in the holding tank? Never thought of that. We may try that if we ever take our trailer anywhere again.

    Have a good work week!