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Sunday, September 15, 2013

cold weather, yummy eating, and those damn termites

It's been a chilly, wet, fall day here in Lansing, with the temps only in the upper 50's. Fall sure has moved in and settled in.   :-(
It's been raining nearly nonstop all day.
Soooo, I've been pretty much on the puter a-l-l day.  :-)
Today was our usual day, me cleaning then Salon this morning, Craig doing laundry and paperwork this afternoon.
Craig did make a new dinner dish for Saturday evening, Mexican Pizza.
I have to say it was yummy!
Of course, for those interested, the recipe is here.
And we were told Friday, the tech coming out to install the  sentricon termite system won't be out until Tuesday morning. I guess another day won't matter since it may take weeks to months for the bait to be found by the termites.
I'm having a hard time dealing with this termite issue. When I usually have an issue, I analyze the problem, make a decision, and take action. Even though I've taken action, this issue won't be resolved. At least not right away, and that bothers me. The termites continue on their endless quest to devour my home. They tell me that termite damage is v-e-r-y slow and the time it takes for the sentricon system to work, won't add much in damage. Easy for them to say since it's not their home.  :-\
They tell me I have  a less than a year infestation. I don't know how they know that without tearing out drywall, but I guess I should trust them.
But I just have to trust the 'professionals', and hope their right.
Anyway, the sooner they get this installed, the better.
And that's all I got for now.......

1 comment:

  1. You can always use Google to research. It may ease your mind a bit.

    No flooding there, I hope.
    Enjoy your weekend! :-)