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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Flamingo Las Vegas

Good morning.
As I said previously,  we were in Las Vegas for my 60th birthday.
We left Lansing late Wed. afternoon for Detroit, where we spent the night at a Clarion Hotel near the airport. Because we were taking the rest of the week off work, we worked an unusual Tuesday, besides Wednesday. The Clarion had free shuttle service to and from the airport. and free parking while we were gone.
Thursday morning, we flew to Vegas, arriving in the early afternoon. We flew Spirit Airlines and the plane was packed! Not one empty seat. We were glad we paid extra for exit row seats.
After picking up our luggage, we caught a cab, and went to our hotel. We stayed at the Flamingo, right in the middle of the strip. This is now one of the older hotels on the strip. It use to be called The Flamingo Hilton, but now it's just The Flamingo. It's now owned by the Caesars hotel group, which owns several other properties on the strip. It's now considered a mid priced hotel. They have recently upgraded the rooms. Some as what they call Fab Deluxe. And others what they call Go Deluxe. We went with the Go rooms because they were remodeled where as the Fab rooms were just redecorated.
Here's our room....

Frosted doors on the closet, and frosted sliding door on the bathroom.

I liked the TV in the mirror while I was getting ready for the day.
It was a very nice room.
I was surprised that being a Thursday afternoon, when we got to the hotel, there was a ridiculously long check-in line. 2 pm on a Thursday? Where did all these people come from?
Fortunately, we have a Harrah's players card that got us into a shorter line and waited on fairly quickly.
Heading out onto the strip, we discovered the place was packed! It's been over 10 years since we were in Vegas, and with all the newer hotel resorts they've built, it's just one big crowd all the time! We went over to Margarita-ville at one end of our hotel for an early dinner, since it was 6pm back in Michigan, and that place was packed also. But found a table and had very good food.
Did a little slot playing that afternoon, before retiring back to the room. We had a busy weekend planned and I'll share more of that when I get some more time.
Now it's time for a very busy work week, since we were gone for a few extra days.


  1. What a great room! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday again!

  2. Looks like a nice room!