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Monday, October 28, 2013

this was not the way it was suppose to end

Good afternoon.
As I said earlier, we returned today from our last RV trip of the season.   :-(
This was a short trip, just 45 minutes away to a place called Turkeyville, down by Battle Creek. They now have a fairly new RV park, and since we've never been there before, thought it would be a good time. It's quite an interesting place, with a gift shop, ice cream shop, restaurant, and a dinner theater. They even have a train, and live turkeys roaming around. We arrived on Friday afternoon, and got settled into our site. It was a miserable cold, wet weekend. At least 10 degrees below normal. But that didn't stop us. We have a nice heater in the mo-ho.   ;-)
Saturday, we had scheduled lunch at noon, followed by the show at 2pm. Turkeyville serves nothing but turkey. The restaurant has numerous choices of turkey meals, including a traditional turkey dinner, turkey stir-fry, turkey tacos and several different turkey sandwiches.
The dinner theater menu was a traditional turkey dinner. It was edible and forgettable. Craig makes much better turkey. The show was entertaining, but too heavy on musical numbers, and not enough on the plot. All and all, I'd give it a 3 star rating.
Sunday, we headed over to the Firekeepers Casino, where we had a much better time, even though we left 3 hours later down a combined $32.00. Not bad.  :-)
Back at the mo-ho, it was actually pleasant outside, and we took a walk. We had snacks that evening, since we had lunch at the casino.
This is where it goes terribly bad.........
Snacking on my favorite food, chicken wings, I felt like something was caught between my back teeth. I went to floss, and discovered I was missing part of a tooth!
Long story short, When we returned to Lansing, I called my dentist, and fortunately, he was able to get me in this morning for an exam. He concluded I had a stress fracture. Lost part of the tooth second from the back on the right side, and needed a crown. Even better, he had an afternoon cancellation, and could do it then.
I now have a temporary crown, while I await the final one in 2 weeks.
This afternoon was suppose to be a semi shutdown of the mo-ho, but now it'll have to wait a bit.
Between the mo-ho transmission, brakes, termites, and now this, it's been an expensive year.

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  1. :(
    Glad it wasn't worse. Don't think I've heard of a stress fracture before.
    *hugs* <3