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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

weekend in review

Good morning.
It was a busy beautiful Monday and Tuesday, and I was busy!  :-)
Sunday, did some indoor cleaning and spent the rest of the time on the puter.
Monday and Tuesday, we did our usual running and at home I started cutting down the flower beds. I believe I'm about half way done in just the two days.
Tuesday morning, while I was on the puter, I heard a crash outside the window. Peaked out the blinds to see my portable gas grill knocked over and had fallen off the table. Didn't see anything, but figured it must have been a raccoon, since we had just grilled chicken the night before. Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, I hear something outside the window. I peek through the blinds to see a small raccoon on the windowsill, working on trying to eat my grill scraper brush.  Then it climbed down and into the grill that had opened when it fell. As daylight approached, I discovered that the gas regulator had snapped off from the fall. So while we were out that morning, I tried to buy one at Lowe's where we originally bought the grill. Of course, they didn't have the part, nor even the grill anymore. It has been 8 years since we bought it for the mo-ho.
So back home, online I went. I found the part on 3 different sites, but including shipping they all wanted $35. I only paid $46 for the grill originally. Finally, after much searching, found a site for $24 with free shipping. Should have it by the end of the week.
And Craig tried a couple of new recipes this past weekend, and since I'm to lazy to post them on Cooking with Craig, I'll just post a link to site Craig got them from.
They were both very good!
And with that, time to get ready for a very busy week in the Salon. I start early today, 8:30, and will be there until 6:30.  I'm getting to old for these hours.  :-)

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  1. Have a great week!
    When you guys going to retire then? ;-)