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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

a quick post


I got out of work early today and decided I should do a post.
It was pretty much a non-event weekend. After a crazy busy week in the Salon, we stopped at Reno's after work Saturday for a beer and popcorn.
 Over the weekend, I washed the mo-ho and 2 cars, weeded and deadheaded in the garden, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and mowed the yard.
It's been a very rainy summer with above average rain fall every month so far. I've never seem the grass look so green this late in August.
We've been walking nearly every day, and with blood tests tomorrow it will be interesting to see how much it's helped, if any.
And still no word on the house. Next Monday will be 5 months.  :-\
 We did manage to try a new dish Monday,
 Honey-Sriracha Chicken Foil Packet. 
It was quite tasty! And very easy!  If your interested, the recipe is here.
Now time for dinner. I have to stop eating by 7pm so I'll be able to do blood tests in the morning.

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