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Saturday, August 09, 2014

did it!

Good morning.
Well, I got home from work early and tackled putting back together the riding lawnmower.
A picture of the bottom of the deck and the missing spindle.
The top of the deck and the missing pulley.
New spindle installed and new blades put on.
New pulley
And good as new!..........Well, maybe not new, but it works! We lost the 'hood' a number of years ago when the supports rusted away. It doesn't look pretty, but runs just fine. And $65 beats the cost of a new one.
Oh, and if anyone noticed, The pic with the new blades? I put them on upside down. I didn't realize it until Craig got home and asked....."did you put the blades on right?" I thought about it and wasn't sure so I looked at these pics I took, and sure enough, I put them on wrong. Sooo, I had to go back out and reverse them. At least I didn't need to take the deck off. I was able to tip the mower up and get to them with Craig's assistance.
Now it's back to work for my last day this week, and after work, we are going to a celebration of life/memorial service for a good customer of mine.

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  1. Good thing you went and checked them. Congratulations!