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Saturday, October 25, 2014

busy week.

Good morning.
It's been a very busy week in the Salon, and I'm booked today also.
I came home from work yesterday, and the new owners of the mo-ho came by to pick it up and I gave him a thorough walk-through showing the many interesting aspects of owning a motor home. 
I felt a little teary when the mo-ho pulled out of the driveway for the last time.   :-(
I'm really going to miss our trips in it.
But, we have our new home in Vegas to help fill in the void.
I'll just have to take lots of pics when we go out since I won't have it sitting right next to our house as the mo-ho did.
I finally got all the utilities transferred and set up auto pay.
Once I get the welcome packet from the association, I'll set up auto pay for the monthly and quarterly fees also. We also have house ins. and I submitted a change of address so any correspondence that might go there, will come here instead. This weekend we'll get a home warranty too.
Many of our customers seem more excited about our house then we do. We feel more relieved than anything since this whole process has dragged on for nearly 7 months. The whole idea of buying a home back in March as apposed to when we retire was to get a really nice place for a really good price. We are fortunate that we were still able to after 7 months,  because new listings now are nearly $20,000 more than what we paid for this home.
But we're very pleased, as this home, when built 8 years ago, sold for nearly $100,000 more than what we paid for it. And with projected increases in property values out there, it should appreciate considerably more than the estimated $4000 a year it'll cost us to maintain it.  :-)   Plus, we'll have a vacation home to use also!  :-)
And we had a visitor earlier this week......
You might have to click on the pic to see it better, but our Great Blue Heron that visits us from time to time was walking across the back yard toward the pond. It must have been in the creek that's on our property line on the opposite side of the yard. They sure are big birds!
Now time for me to get to work!


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I was very sad also when I watched our RV being driven away. Now I am shopping again, but smaller. My retirement begins in the spring. It'll be very different this time since my partner died 5 years ago and it is just me and my dog, Lilly.
    Gene in Ohio

  2. We saw a Great Blue this week, too! So will you time share your house then to be sure you have it for vacations?
    Have a great visit with Mom!