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Thursday, February 12, 2015

our Vegas trip

Good afternoon.
Sorry for the late post, been busy.   :-)
Our latest trip to Vegas had us leave from Lansing last Friday morning. We arrived in Vegas at 10:30 am their time, and we were very fortunate that one of our new neighbors, Obbie and Gary offered to pick us up at the airport. Fortunate because our home is about a $90 taxi ride. Now we could have taken the city bus, and we did for our return, but form the airport, it would be about 3 hours with waiting and transfers.
Anyway, we got to out house, opened it up, which means, turning on the water, turning up the water heater, and plugging in the fridge. We were also fortunate with the weather. We had record highs four of the days we were there. I think Vegas is telling us to come out.  :-)
On this trip, we got the master bath painted and the second bedroom painted. We also had an area rug delivered and a few more pieces of furniture. We also bought a cappuccino machine so we could make coffee each morning instead of going out to buy.
Here's a couple pics of us and the neighborhood....

And here's our new area rug.....
And a new pendant light we pick out for the kitchen....
There are 6 spot lights in the kitchen ceiling, and I didn't like the fact that the one near the sink was behind me and so I didn't get enough light when at the sink. Now I do.   :-)
Oh, and that big thing on the counter is a new above the stove microwave that we'll hopefully install on our next trip.
Our neighbors, Obbie and Gary gave us a welcome back cocktail party Saturday afternoon where we met a few more neighbors. Everyone so far has been soo nice.
Sunday we stayed home and painted and received deliveries, and Monday, we went to the Red Rock Casino/Hotel with Obbie and Ingrid for lunch at their huge buffet.
Tuesday had us doing laundry and preparing the house for another long term storage. Obbie offered us a ride to the strip, but we declined saying we wanted to get accustomed to using he city bus system, since Obbie and Gary go home to Minneapolis for the summer, and we may not get any other offers for rides when we go back in July.
But she did take us to the bus stop, which is about a 20 minute walk from our house.
It was an hour and ten minute ride down to the strip, where we planned on staying at the New York New York Casino hotel for the night, and then an easy short cab ride to the airport the next morning.
It was a very busy bus and we saw a wide variety of passengers on the way there.
Had a nice evening at the hotel/casino. We actually went down and did a little gambling where we each had $10 in free slot play, courtesy of the facebook game, My Vegas Slots, which is where we also got our free night lodging.   :-)
Wed. morning we made it to the airport, and made it back to Lansing, arriving around 5pm.
Another good trip.   :-)
Now we have a really busy Friday and Saturday in the Salon.


  1. Gorgeous scenery. You picked a great spot!
    Good you have a lot of work to keep you busy and warm, hopefully!

  2. Your new place is looking great! Looking forward to catching up with you guys in LV sometime.


  3. Great post. Love the pics, especially with the scenery in the background.