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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

busy day

Good morning.
Well, it was quite the day yesterday, I took Kia in for the recall and an oil change. After I dropped it off and left, about 30 minutes later, I received a call from the dealer informing me that they finished the oil change,but had run out of the reinforcing plates for the recall last Friday.  They wouldn't have any more in until Wed. Now the Kia dealer is w-a-y on the other side of Lansing, and it took me nearly 35 minutes to get over there. I said, "I made an appointment last Wed. for this and you are not going to tell me I need to haul it all the way back over here next week"!
The person apologized and said when they got them in, they would call and come and pick up my car at work, do the repair and bring it back to me. I was taken by surprise, but happy that they would do that. I arrived back at the dealer to pick up my car, and the service manager was there to apologize again, and reaffirmed they would call and pick up my car and, fix it and bring it back. I was impressed.
Back home, I put together the application to get our new security door approved by the ARC. (Architectural Review Committee) We want to get this installed on our next trip.
After talking to Virginia, (the HOA assistant manager of standards and compliance) it was determined that the Sandstone color of the door would probably not be approved. The HOA clearly states that the color has to be the shade of the stucco, trim, door, white, beige, or almond. Soooo, we decide to keep it easy and go with white.
As you can see, the house is a light grey and the trim is white. The sandstone color would only go with the stone around the pillars. White is probably a better choice.
So I e-mailed Virginia the filled application along with a pic of the door and the front of the house. It will go to the ARC committee this Friday, and we should hear from them with-in a couple of weeks I guess.
With that taking so much of my time yesterday, I accomplished little else.
We did do some online shopping, and I ordered a couple of External Battery Charger Power Packs.
On our long flights to Vegas, our tablets can get quite low on power depending on what we're doing on them. I wanted to have as much flexibility to use them as I want, so these will give us a power boost if we need it.
They were only $11.95 each with free shipping, and has a self storing cable.
And I'm happy to see Feb. gone. It came in as the 3rd coldest on record.  :-/
Will I miss Michigan when we move? Not the winters!
And that's it for now.

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